Effortless On-Demand Pest Control for Property Managers

Do These Pesty Issues Sound Familiar?

Wasted Time

Managing communication and scheduling between service providers and residents

Revenue Loss​

Increased vacancy rates, uninhabitable properties, and poor reviews

Persistent Pests​

Problems are only temporarily fixed or not reported at all, allowing them to worsen

Property Damages

Pests, such as termites, can cause structural damages and decrease property value

A Pest-Proof & Headache-Free Solution

On-Demand Pest Control

Tenants effortlessly schedule and receive pest control services online without burdening the property manager.

Cost-Effective Solution

Tenants save money on pest control expenses, while property managers generate additional revenue.

Seamless Experience​

Pest control is included as an amenity in the RBP preventing confusion about who is responsible for the bill.

Maximizing Investment

Boost your property’s value, improve brand reputation, and impress investors by enhancing the tenant experience. 

What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Tyler Didn’t Pay a Penny For Bed Bugs

Tyler, a resident covered by our Pest Assurance plan, faced a troublesome bed bug problem that could have cost him and his family $1,853.00. Fortunately, Tyler had Pest Assurance and incurred no expenses.

A Nasty Rat Infestation

Elizabeth rented a home that was above a restaurant that should have been shut down years ago. Holes in the foundation created the perfect opportunity for rats to come Fortunately, Pest Share promptly addressed the rat issue and restored a pest-free home.

Sarah Now Lives Guilt Free

Sarah went on vacation with her family and when she came back she had a roach infestation. After just 3 days of noticing them she had certified pest control professionals at her home protecting her and her family. Total out of pocket cost for Sarah was $0.00

Did You Know?


of households experience
a pest infestation each year.


of residents pick DIY treatments that don’t work.


is the average cost for a single pest control treatment.


is the per door profit you’ll gain with Pest Share in your RBP.

The Benefits of Pest Control as an Amenity

Add Pest Share to your resident benefits package, offering peace of mind and pest-free living – a unique selling point for potential residents. With pest control covered by rent, there is no confusion around costs. 

Pest Share ensures your properties remain pest-free, preventing delays in occupancy and reducing vacancy rates by making pest control efficient, encouraging tenants to report problems.  

Free your team from the burden of managing pest control by offering tenants a straightforward, online process. Pest Share handles everything from detection and scheduling to resolution and payment.

Simple & Streamlined 4-Step Process

1. Tenants submit their pest issue using the online portal.

2. The Pest Share software approves service for covered pests.

3. Professional treatment is performed in a timely manner.

4. Tenants enjoy pest control covered by rent with no surprise costs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pest Share provides an effective, reactive, and targeted approach to pest control in full replacement of overall less effective, traditional, preventative programs. 

Pest Share is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company offering an innovative pest control solution to Property Managers with the retention of your high-quality residents and the overall protection of your investment in mind. Gone are the days that residents leave pests unattended in fear of being held financially responsible for notoriously expensive treatments.

Pest Share is the operational conduit with an expansive service provider network that enables service for your property when visible pests are reported. Pest Share takes care of the coordination, quality assurance, and payment when servicing Pest Share-covered pests. 

Activation/deactivation is determined by the Property Management Software being used. Contact your dedicated Client Success Manager at support@pestshare.com

It is important that you include your complete service address (including any unit #), a valid phone number, an email address, and visible pest(s) – this is not a preventative service.

Pest Share will primarily communicate via email; The resident will need to be sure to check their spam folder throughout the process. If the phone number provided in their PestShare.com request for service allows the resident to receive text(s), they will receive a text directing them to their email.

If residents have questions when submitting a request or need to check the status of their service, they can be directed to PestShare.com. There, they can use the chat bug feature or send an email to servicerequests@pestshare.com for assistance.

  • There may be instances when residents may receive an invoice from the service provider, as their software will automatically generate and forward the bill to the designated contact address. In the event that residents have requested a service and have not exceeded the limit of up to four (4) services, with a maximum of three (3) covered pests per service in a 12-month period, they may disregard any bill received related to that service. Pest Share will be notified when a service is completed and will handle the payment on their behalf for covered pests.
  • Residents will only be responsible for a bill if they have requested service for a pest that is not covered by their Pest Share package.
  • If residents have any questions or concerns about the service or the bill they have received, they should not hesitate to contact Pest Share at servicerequests@pestshare.com or use the chat feature, Chat Bug, on PestShare.com. Pest Share is here to help resolve any issues and provide the best possible service.

Residents can place a request for non-covered pests at PestShare.com. Available alternatives will be outlined in the email they receive from Pest Share and may include the option for them to independently contract the Pest Share service provider who will service the pests covered by their Pest Share program. The method and timing of payment for service(s) of the non-covered pest(s) will be communicated with and paid to the service provider directly – not Pest Share. If a follow-up service for the non-covered pest(s) is required, communication will be directly between the residents and the service provider. Pest Share will ensure that the management company is promptly notified if any wood-destroying organisms, such as termites are reported, and if services such as rodent sanitization, proofing, and exclusion are required.

The Pest Share program provides up to four (4) services, with a maximum of three (3) covered pests in a 12-month period; from the first service request. Each service has a 30-day warranty from the completion of the service.

  • An ACH Authorization Form will be emailed to the property manager’s accounting contact
    during onboarding, to be completed and submitted prior to launching the Pest Share program. Please designate the preferred method of payment for monthly auto-payment on your ACH Form.
  • Pest Share bills a month in arrears. Any properties that were active in the previous month for one day or more will be on the invoice for the current month. We do not prorate the charge based on the activation date.
  • The invoice and detailed report will be emailed from billing@pestshare.com between the 1st – and 3rd of the month. The property manager has until the 7th day of the month to conduct their own internal reconciliation of the proposed billing cycle charges, and to notify our billing department of any discrepancies at billing@pestshare.com.
  • If no billing disputes have been reported to Pest Share during the reconciliation period, an automatic payment will be processed on the 10th of each month for the amount due using the preferred method of payment on file.

Pest Share is a technology platform designed to provide affordable pest control to renters across the country. We do so by partnering with Property Managers that love to see their residents live pest free.