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Fast & Easy pest control jobs that fit your schedule

We collaborate with you to deliver outstanding pest control services to renters throughout the United States.

We don’t skim off the Top

On time payments every time

Fair prices for excellent service

No risk of collections or missed Payments

Pest Share works with you & your team

Pest Share is a tech-enabled solution that helps renters and property managers solve pest problems. When renters have pests in their home, we send that job to a local service provider to remove the pest problem. It’s that simple.

Presold Jobs Ready For Service

Pest Share offers exclusive jobs, powered by our tech platform for swift response to pest infestations

Deep Pest Control Knowledge

Our platform is tailored to make it easy to join our network, offering hassle-free services

Billing & Payments Made Easy

We maintain a consistent and reliable approach to handling billing and payments, ensuring a straightforward experience for all parties involved

Team Up with Your Business

We love working with pest control experts across the country. Our goal is to boost your business with more customers and better profits

Pest control companies love
Pest Share

Thomas, Arkansas

The advantage for me is dealing with you guys who actually have an idea of how pest management works. I know you’ll understand and I can tell that from the work orders you send out.

Deanna, Georgia

Feedback from technicians that go out and service, as well as the revenue generated is that it’s a good fit for both and it’s really working out. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I’m pleased with how it’s working out!

The Pest Share Promise To Service Providers

Landon Cooley CEO & Co-Founder

I’m fourth generation pest control. My great grandfather hopped off the boat from Ireland and opened up a pest control company. Since then, I’ve been proud to continue the tradition with my own pest control company in Boise, Idaho.
I am even more proud to expand the pest control market by helping renters, who typically can’t afford or simply opt out of professional pest control treatments receive full coverage for nasty pests. We work with service providers across the country to expand the pest control industry and we understand the details of operating a pest control company. We promise to work with you to expand your routes while we, together, help more American’s live pest free

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